Dollhouse Accessories – How to Make Your House Look Real – Part 3

In part 3 of “How to make your house look real” we are looking at which dollhouse accessories to use for decorating your music room, your sewing room, your office and library.

If you don’t have these rooms in your own house try to remember the ones you have seen somewhere in magazines. Following are some tips on how and which dollhouse accessories you can use to make these areas of your house look absolutely real.

Dollhouse Accessories for the Music Room:

Your music room needs to have a piano with a chair either an upright or grand piano. Other pieces of furniture could be display cabinets, chest of drawers, also other instruments such as a harp or you could have brass instruments lying on a side table.

Other items you may want to use in the music room are plants and ornaments displayed on top of the furniture.

Dollhouse Accessories for the Sewing Room:

What would a sewing room be without a sewing machine? If your sewing machine has its own table you don’t need to place it on a separate one. It is good to have a table of some kind in your sewing room though. Place some pieces of fabric, scissors, some thread and other sewing material on the table. Put a doll on a chair pretending to be busy sewing or cutting material. May be you want to place some sewing patterns on the table too. You can have a broom in a corner for sweeping up fabric and other bits off the floor.

Dollhouse Accessories for the Library and Office:

The most important piece of furniture for the office would be a desk with a chair. For the library it would be a dollhouse bookshelf and a stool. In both rooms you can have book cases on the wall, side tables and wing back chairs. Place a pot of ink and a feather on top of the desk, a plant on top of a side table and a table lamp wherever else you find a space. Dollhouse accessories such as books, a wine bottle with 2 glasses or some tobacco on the table are also good choices.

Part of your dollhouse accessories in any of your rooms should be some rugs on the floor and pictures on the wall.