International Transport Links in Manchester

The main international transport link to Manchester is by air. Manchester airport is located just outside the city and it takes 20 minutes by car to get to the airport by the M56 motorway. Manchester airport is the second busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers in the United Kingdom. Flights arrive from and depart for all parts of the world, which include the Far East, south East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, United States, and Canada. There are three terminals that handle the arriving and departing passengers at Manchester airport. Cargo flights also operate regularly from Manchester. Imports to Manchester come mostly from the Far East and exports are sent to America.

Manchester airport is connected to the city by road and by rail. Not only is Manchester city linked by rail to the airport, but trains from as far away as Edinburgh also come to the airport railway station. The railway link to the airport station is being expanded further and new platforms are being added. There are taxi stands at all the three terminals of the airport.

Manchester city is connected to the rest of the United Kingdom by road and rail. Manchester has two main railway stations, Victoria and Piccadilly, which link Manchester to the rest of the United Kingdom. There is an hourly train service from Piccadilly station to London.

Manchester is located in the center of the United Kingdom and has one of the best road networks linking it to the rest of the country. Five motorways the M56, M61, M63, M65 and M62 link Manchester to the rest of Britain.

Getting to and from Manchester to any destination around the globe is very easy. Manchester being an industrial and commercial hub of England in very well connected to the rest of the world and the airport alone handles more then fifteen million passengers every year. Cargo flights land to and depart daily from the airport.

The Manchester ship canal links Manchester to the sea. There are over 40 berths and the port handles over two thousand ships every year. The port is served directly by a motorway and rail link. The ships are lifted over sixty feet by a system of locks to reach Manchester.

Manchester is the second largest city of England and commercially perhaps it rates as number one. This is the reason that Manchester has very good, established international transport links. It’s because of these links that Manchester continues to thrive economically. There are plans to expand the airport facilities, so more traffic can be handled. The transport links to Manchester are reliable and getting to and from Manchester does not take long.

All the major cities in the United Kingdom are a few hours drive away from Manchester. London is a three-hour drive from Manchester. Manchester is the industrial center of England and that is why so much emphasis was laid on providing it the best international transport links. The city leaders of Manchester are constantly planning and evaluating future expansion of the international transport links to the city.

What You Should Wear When Riding Your Motorcycle In The Rain

Riding in the rain is something that just about every rider will experience at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes you simply have no choice but to ride your motorcycle in the rain. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper rain gear.

Listed below are some of the more important items that you should wear when riding your motorcycle in the rain. Not following this suggestions will leave you soaking wet and probably chilled to the bone!

Now lets face it, times are getting tough, especially because of the increasing gas prices. While a tank of gas will still get you the same amount of miles, the amount of money that you have to spend in order to get that tank of gas just isn’t the same as it used to be. In fact, you have to spend MUCH more in order to fill up your car, truck, or whatever it is you are driving. Those who own motorcycles are beginning to look at them in a whole new light.

Motorcycles aren’t just the toy that sits out in the garage anymore waiting for the perfect day to ride. In many areas around the world motorcycles, even here in the United States, motorcycles are becoming more and more of a go to vehicle even when it isn’t nice out. Why? Because they simply are much more efficient on gas. Because they are being driven more in order to save money on gas, rain or shine, many are experiencing rain riding more and more often.

Rain Jackets

One of the most important pieces of apparel that you will want to be wearing when riding your motorcycle in the rain is a rain jacket. The top half of your body is very exposed to the elements when riding. Not only does your body get blasted with rain while riding, but it also gets pounded by the wind. The combination of the two can make for a very soaking and bone chilling ride if you are not wearing the right gear. The jacket not only has to shed water, but it also has to insulate at the same time in order to keep you warm at all times.

Rain Pants

Rain pants are just as important as the jacket because they help keep your legs protected from the rain and the water that sprays up off of the road. Without rain pants, your legs also would become very wet and cold. Exposing yourself to wet and cold riding conditions for a long period of time could be very dangerous.

A Guide To Head Shaving For Men

The History Behind Head Shaving

From very early records, it is possible to see evidence of head shaving amongst ancient Mediterranean settlers from Greece, Egypt and Rome. Religious aspects of head shaving can also be seen in many movements with, perhaps, Buddhism being the most widespread, especially visible with the Hare Krishna movement. Devotees have their heads shaved in preparation for entry in priesthood, although it is not restricted to the Hare Krishna movement. Indeed, Hindu monks also shave their heads and Muslim men are advised to shave their heads after the pilgrimage of Hajjas it is said to be three times more rewarding than clipping their hair short.

More modern examples of head shaving include the military, where shaving is seen as a rite of passage into their commissioned posts. As of 2006, a shaved head is the standard haircut within the United States Army, the United States Marine Corp and also the United States Coast Guard. Sportsmen in some disciplines also shave their head, swimmers to reduce drag, and boxers and cage fighters as an attempt to intimidate their opponents. HeadBlade, one of the leading manufacturers of head shaving hardware, have long been sponsors of fighters within the Mixed Martial Arts series, including top athletes such as Shane Carwin. Perhaps the most widespread reason for someone to shave their head is that, quite simply, it is a very liberating experience and very fashionable.

There are also celebrities all over the world are sporting the “bald is best” look with stars such as Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi, and Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins to name but a few who have ventured down this path. So what is the easiest way to shave your head? Follow these simple steps and a smooth head can be yours.

Step 1 Choose your Shaving Hardware

Many people shave their head using a standard razor and blade combination. Just like shaving your face, the more “tech” the blades for example, Gillette Fusion or the new Hydro range from Wilkinson Sword, the smoother the shave seems to be. There are specialist manufacturers such as HeadBlade which receives great reviews. The big advantage of HeadBlade is that there is more than one point in contact with your scalp at all times so it is easier to avoid “nicks”.

Step 2 First time Headshavers

You need to trim as much of your hair as possible. To do this, a standard set of electric “hair clippers” can be used with the guard taken off. Many high street shops have these and they are easy to use. With your hair dry, buzz the fuzz but please take care! It is often easier to get a friend or partner to do your first trim.

Step 3 Almost ready

You need to really “wet” down your hair. Hair usually takes about 3 to 4 minutes to properly “wet down” so taking a shower is an ideal way of making your shave as comfortable as possible. If you can’t take a shower, trying using a flannel that has been wet with nice warm water. It seems to do the trick but make sure the water isn’t too hot; you don’t want to place a boiling hot flannel on your already sensitive scalp!!

Step 4 Lather up

Use a good quality shaving gel or oil (foams tend to dry your skin out). A particular favourite of many head shavers is King of Shaves AlphaGel, or HeadBlade HeadSlick. Massage it well into your scalp and then prepare to shave!

Step 5 Shave

If you are using a HeadBlade, use your preferred hand, place your index finger through the loop and adjust it for comfort. With the blade leading, gently smooth the HeadBlade over your scalp, using your fingers and base of your hand as a guide. Do not press down on the HeadBlade, just let it glide. Shaving “with the grain” is advisable until your skin becomes accustomed to being shaved. It doesn’t shave as close as against the grain but is most definitely kinder on your skin. Flip the HeadBlade around when you come to do the back of your head so that you will again be shaving with the blade leading.

Step 6 Wash and Protect

Once your scalp feels nice and smooth, wash off any excess gel with warm water and gently pat down your scalp. To finish off, use a good quality moisturiser to maintain your scalp in tip top condition. If you live in a sunny climate, don’t forget to slap some sun protection onto your scalp, sunburn can be very unpleasant.

Car Hire Alicante

Famous for its miles of sandy beaches, serene palm tree lined boulevards and amazing shopping malls Alicante, and it’s wonderful boulevard with palm trees and shopping streets, is one of the most well-known towns along the Costa Blanca. Alicante just happens to be the starting point for thousands of tourists every summer, while during the winters tourist flock to the coasts at Benders, Calpe and Denia. An excellent weather, beautiful long alley, Alicante invites its visitors to a memorable trip along its coast, the wonderful island of Tabarca or a simple tranquil walk, down the palm tree lined streets. Alicante offers countless sightseeing attractions, from cathedrals to churches and of course a wonderful harbor area. Languages spoken in Alicante are: Spanish and Valencian while English and or German being the two most popular foreign languages in the city. Alicante time difference to GMT + 1 hour

Alicante Airport is situated about 11km from the city of Alicante at El Altet. It is a major airport of Costa Blanca. It is easily accessed from the main A7 motorway. A modern and spacious airport handling more than 5 million passengers each year and operating at various floors, each, with all the facilities one would want during transit, Alicante Airport is well equipped to deal with such huge numbers. The signs and access is very appropriately planned, so, reaching the airport is not a big hassle, even for the first timers.

Directions: You just cannot miss it! Right before the exit door of the arrival lounge you will find the desks of all major car rental companies operating at Alicante airport which can be accessed from within the arrival area or from outside.

Some points you need to keep in mind while booking a car from Alicante Airport:

1. Book your car in advance, through the internet, with a reputed car hire company operating in the region. Also look out for a pad lock symbol at the bottom of the browser, which ensures that the web page is secured. Any reputed car hire website will have a SSL (an internet feature which protects your online transactions from consumer fraud).

2. At the airport make sure that, just in case the company cannot provide you the model/class of vehicle you booked at the airport, you are upgraded to a higher model/class at no extra charges.

3. It’s always wise to make transactions with your credit cards if doing a on the spot car booking, or making some additional payments; it simply reduces the chances of fraud and is cheaper.

4. Booking Cancellations: In case of cancellation of your car booking, you must know that usually there will be no charge if you cancel within 24 hours of the pick up date.

Insignificant it may sound at this moment, but you can make your trip to Alicante a memorable one by doing a good homework about the city and its services.